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Senior & Family Care  Insurance was founded in 1997 with the goal to provide easy to understand answers and information for residents who have questions about Medicare and other types of health insurance. The agency takes great pride in positioning itself as an honest and reliable business for customers to turn to where there is direct access to a knowledgeable local independent agent to consult with. They understand the unique nature of each client’s individual needs, and match them with the coverage that are the absolute best for them.

Too often there are people that are pushed into wrong plans by unethical or uninformed agents who don’t know what works best for our area and the residents who live here, and oftentimes those who are in search of the best coverage at the most competitive rates are not given all of the information they need, nor are they presented with all of their options. We guide OUR clients towards an understanding of the policies available to them and make sure that no one experiences a surprise the first time they need to use the plan.  We are here to help people navigate through the insurance world. We communicate with our clients the same way we would talk with our family or our friends. We treat them with kindness and respect and invest all the time required for our clients to have a true understanding of the policies and options available to them and to guide them towards the best solutions that don’t put a strain on the family budget.

When you or your loved ones get close to or are already over 65 years old, they are bombarded by advertisements and are presented with so much information to go through. We all need a knowledgeable agent in the field. Senior & Family Care  Insurance has positioned itself to cater to those that need professional help, guidance and counseling on a level where anyone will have an exceptional level of understanding and will be able to come to the conclusion of sound decisions on the choice of the policy that best fits their unique needs.

The agency has contracts with many major carriers, and will help each and every client choose what’s best for them based on their needs. To contact them, come by the Nacogdoches Senior Lifestyle Expo, where they are a MAJOR Sponsor, or use the contact information provided below.   If you feel stuck in the plan that you have now, or are curious if there’s a better plan for you now, we can review your plan at no cost & give you your options for you to choose.

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